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        Engineering Services are a main part of our business and we will help you reach a solution. We have experts in nearly every discipline available to satisfy your engineering needs in flow, thermal, structural, and dynamic analyses using powerful Softwares.
      • Customizing
        With more than 30 years of experience, we provide our customers comprehensive repair, completion and maintenance and customized manufacturing.
      • Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
        The company, in collaboration with aerospace and power industries specialists, accredited laboratories and international partners, presents aviation parts and rotating equipment maintenance services in accordance with international standards and the manufacturers’ regulations
      • Fabrication
        Vanda Ario energy provides parts fabrication and engineering solutions for rotary equipments and aviation industries. fabricate or repair parts in aluminum, steel, ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, copper, brass, superalloys, plastics, composites and additional materials. Anodizing, painting, coating, heat treatment and NDT inspection options are also available.
      • HVACS/R
        Vanda Ario energy primarily focuses on designing and producing various types of water-cooled and air-cooled compression chillers, utilizing scroll, screw, and reciprocating compressors. They also manufacture fiberglass cooling towers, including open and closed circuit models with circular and cubic designs.
    • Applications
      • Aviation Parts
        With more than 30 years of experience and high skills of our professionals in manufacturing and repair Aviation parts, we are ready for any cooperation with aviation industries and all the industries dealing with aviation structures
      • Rotary Equipments
        With proficiency and experience of our technical experts in reverse engineering, manufacturing and repair of fixed and rotating equipment, this company is ready for any cooperation with the industries dealing with these kind of machinery (Turbines, compressors, pumps & etc.)
      • Instrumentations
        A complex engine like a gas turbine needs to be thoroughly instrumented in order to be safely and correctly operated. Vanda manufactured temperature probes of exceptional quality to assure this measurement is accurate.
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        Vanda Ario Energy is an Engineering Corporation located in Tehran, Iran. Founded in 2011, works in the field of Repair and Fabrication of Rotary Equipment and reverse engineering for Aviation, Oil & Gas Industries.
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