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Technical Services

pressure valveWe understand the challenges you face and our team is dedicated to providing impartial analysis, and immediate solutions for all your simulation needs. Engineering Services are a main part of our business and we will help you reach a solution. We have experts in nearly every discipline available to satisfy your engineering needs in flow, thermal, structural, and dynamic analyses using powerful Softwares. We know that motion analysis is important because product design frequently requires an understanding of how multiple moving parts interact with each other and their environment. Moving parts generate loads that are often difficult to predict. Complex mechanical assemblies present design challenges that require a dynamic system-level analysis to be met. Accurate modeling can require representations of various types of landing gearcomplicated physical phenomena like vibration and friction. Motion analysis enables one to meet these hallenges by quickly evaluating and improving designs for important characteristics like performance, safety and comfort. Vanda engineering experiences for motion analysis cover a broad range of multibody dynamics simulation. Using Technology Transfer, our aim is to expand your simulation capabilities. Our consulting services groups have completed some projects for few clients covering applications such as simulation of the dynamic behavior of aircraft landing gear, high speed rotor simulation for microjet and 3d modeling the extended range of parts with complicated surfaces such as gas & steam turbine blades, turbocharger impellers and etc.